About us

About RPO process outsourcing (RPO)

At the forefront of the staffing industry, Rayre Technologies empower enterprises with the man power solutions dedicated to maximizing global workforce solutions on behalf of our clients. Our profound inheritance,established expertise and insightful market intelligence have secured long-term partnerships with various clients globally seeking world-class professional resources.

We employ industry professionals from various locations coast-to-coast across the world. We have an extensive reach across multiple regions and countries in order to receive constant solutions, terms, and cost savings. We help our clients to reduce their total cost of ownership by delivering a range of refined staffing and technology solutions that include.



Sourcing and Screening model

Rayre Technologies relishes a competitive edge through expertise in managing the recruitment process. We have grasped the step-by-step candidate search, qualification and hiring process, which enables us to provide on-demand technical resources with the least turnaround time required.


Passive recruiting

Passive recruiting means courting potential candidates who are not currently looking for a job. This may seem to be worthless but it is actually a great investment in your talent pipeline. Since passive candidates are not actively looking for a job, they are less likely to be interviewing with other companies.


Full Life Cycle Model

Rayre Technologies is dedicated to operational excellence as part of a client-centric mindset that assures consistent execution. Through 8 years of experience, we have developed and refined every step in the full lifecycle staffing fulfillment and consultant management practices.